Dutch Shepherd Dogs

The breed that I mainly breed is the Dutch Shepherd Dog. My first litter was born in 2006 and since then I've bred six (soon hopefully seven) litters. Here they are listed:

  • coming in 2020: D-litter (Santo's Souriant Cristophe x Kastaalin Vampyyri)
  • 2019: S-litter (Santos'Souriant Cristophe x Kastaalin Witch)
  • 2016: V-litter (Junipermoor's Northern Sparrowhawk x Kastaalin Witch)
  • 2013: U-litter (Junipermoor's Northern Sparrowhawk x Kastaalin Nokkonen
  • 2012: W-litter (Jerex Humble Boy x Kastaalin Nokkonen)
  • 2008: N-litter (Dark'un's Gezel-Zeus x Nambygo Dangerous Doris)
  • 2006: K-litter (Lord v.d. Vastenow x Nambygo Dangerous Doris)

Portuguese Podengos

I've also had two Portuguese Podengo litters. At the moment I'm not planning to breed podengos anymore but I deeply love the breed so you never know.

  • 2017: B-litter (Kastaalin Pehtoori x Feuer Frei Kastaalia von Grim)
  • 2014: P-litter (Calvin Klein av Zappa x Tassurallin Glinda)

The first litter I ever bred were Welsh Springer Spaniels. They were born in July 1992 and there were six pups. Three males and three females. One of them, Ariadne, stayed at home and she became the first dog with whom I did rescue training.