Who am I

Pirita, Glinda and Dino

My name is Pirita and I have done quite many things with dogs for whole of my life.

My first own dog was the Welsh Springer Spaniel Rudy (CIB FI CH EST CH EST W-93 Mandeville Ragtime Rudy). With her daughter Tutta (BH Kastaalin Ariadne) I started rescue dog training and Tutta was the first Springer Spaniel to pass the service dog's behavior test in Finland.

My first Dutch Shepherd Dog was Taika (BH FI CH Nambygo Dangerous Doris). With her I fell totally in love with Dutchies and now I have her granddaughter Witch (Kastaalin Witch).

There was a time we did not have room enough to have a new big dog but I wanted to have a new dog for companion and showing. So I had to find a small one that would still get along with the big ones. I ended up having a portuguese podengo. It quickly became my another favorite breed.

I have also owned some other breeds. Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael, Dalmatian and Pharaoh Hound have been my family members too. All of them have been great personalities and are nice breeds. If only I could have so many dogs at the same time!

Nowadays I like to go to the dog shows with my dogs and train service dog's searching and obedience with Witch. Sometimes we also do some tracking with both dogs.

Besides going to the shows with my own dogs I am a ring steward and I often work in the shows in Finland.